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DIY Publishing Your Book

In today's episode of the Becoming the Big Me Podcast, Djemilah dives into how to self-publish a book. Djemilah also talks about ways, tools to use, and other tips on how to publish your own book. Its going to cost a little bit of money to kind of elevate that experience but it's worth it.

If you have a message if you have a story, if you have something that you want to share, if you have a burning desire to get your words to the world, you can do it right now. If you have that desire, if that's something that you really want, if you have a mission that you really want to make an impact and you want to change people's lives, and really help people, then go ahead and do it. Start your DIY publishing now!

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Hi! I am your host Djemilah Birnie the founder of Becoming the Big Me. I have been building businesses online since the age of 17. I am passionate about discovering the "secrets" of our world and what is the true difference maker. Why is it that some succeed and others do not? What is it that allows people to get back up and keep going even in the midst of hardships? What truly is the power of purpose? These are the questions that rattle my mind.

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Hello, fellow Earthlings, welcome to the becoming the big me podcast. I'm your host, Djemilah Birnie.

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And together,

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we will be stepping into our highest potential, exploring all things mind, body, and soul. With justice major business, you're a spiritual badass solopreneur and a warrior for change, you're ready to expand your impact and leave your old self behind in order to raise your vibration so that you can positively influence your business, your community, and ultimately, the world. Without further ado, let's dive right into it. Hello, my friends, let's talk books. So I've been making some posts about publishing books lately, because well, I'm publishing a book. So obviously publishing has been on my mind. And I have chosen to self publish my last few books, for many reasons. But one, one of the main reasons is because I have realized that so many of the publishers out there who are trying to get and want to be authors to use their services, really aren't doing authors the best job that they could be and, and I realized this at some point last year, which is really why I decided to self publish. And that's why I self published my first kid's book, Luna's balloon, which was, you know, just a poem that I wrote for my daughter and wanted to share with the world and I got it onto an Amazon bestseller by myself, and I kind of just, it opened my eyes, to the world of publishing, it opened my eyes to what it really is. And I started to see all of these, all of these publishers out there, leveraging these want to be authors, charging copious amounts of money to publish their books, primarily just publishing their books on Amazon, primarily just publishing their books like the same way that I had done through KDP not really spending any money or anything of that nature. And like not having to go through any checks and balances. And that I really thought that there was, before I did it, I thought that there was so much more roadblocks, I thought there were so many more things and obstacles in the way. And before I really dove into researching, and I thought it was going to cost a lot more money, or I was gonna have to be like this big, huge name, right? And I was gonna have to have a public a big publishing company, come to me and have me do a book. But what I realized is, none of those things were true. I was actually able to, you know, publish my own book completely by myself, with my own tools, you know, everything less than $500 and get it to a best seller by myself. I mean, it wasn't actually hard, actually made so pay for it afterwards and started sharing with sharing with it with everyone because I was like, everyone needs to know this information. I had so many people messaging me afterwards, who were like, Yo, I have had my manuscript for frickin years, and I have not published it. And the reason what was the obstacle was the reason why they had not published their book. Well, the reason is, because they thought that it was gonna be too expensive. They thought it was unobtainable for them. They thought that it was outside of the realm of possibilities for them. And you know what, before I did it, I thought it was too but I'm here to tell you that is not true at all. It is completely in the realm of possibilities for you publishing is if you want if you have a message if you have a story, if you have something that you want to share the world if you have a burning desire to get your words to the world, you can do it you can do it right now. You can literally go on to Amazon KDP and you can have something published tomorrow you can go to Amazon KDP. And you can go to Canva. And you can publish something tomorrow and word like, like you can do it and it's it's actually very, very simple. It's just a process. It's just process that you just have to follow.

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And so I want you to remove just like take it out of your mind remove this roadblock that it's it's not available for you I want you to remove the roadblock that is not possible for you. Whatever roadblock that you are putting away, whether that's you don't have enough money, you don't have a big enough audience, you don't have XYZ, I don't really want to hear it, remove it right now. Because I'm telling you, that you can if you have that desire, if that's something that you really want, and it's, you have a mission, that you really want to make an impact, and you want to change people's lives, and really help people, like you can do it. And, you know, feel free to message me if there's something that you have been wanting to do. And I will just send you my Amazon publishing ShareFile on now, yeah, are there some things that you can do that are going to cost a little bit of money to kind of elevate that experience? For sure. The first one, I would have to say is investing in your copyright and your ISDN number, purely, so that you can get your stuff into bookstores. If you use the Amazon free ISDN number, and you want to go you go into a bookstore, and you're like, Hey, can you get my book in here? And they like it? They're like, yeah, look, let me look at it, they'll go look it up. But the ISBN number is not going to come up. And I'm telling you this, because it happened to me, I'm telling you this, because that's exactly what happened to me when I was trying to get Lunas balloon into bookstores. Because I use the free ISP. And from Amazon, I didn't know I had no idea that I was going to hinder me from doing something that I wanted to do with the book. So I'm still like now that I know I'm gonna go back and make the necessary changes I need to which is like there is more of a process now because the ISP and is the social security number, the book. So I got to make some changes in order to do this, but I'm going to be able to do it. So I can eventually get it into bookstores and all of the other Luna's books following will be done the proper way. That's one of the reasons they haven't been released yet. But I feel like so yeah, so the biggest thing like the investments for your book, make sure that you're investing in the isbm number and the copyrights, it's going to cost you like less than $200. To do that. In addition to that, I would highly suggest, in addition to publishing on Amazon, I would highly, highly suggest looking into Ingram sparks, which is really like the premier publishing platform, it's really I mean, it is a really solid platform. And by publishing there, you're going to be able to get a much wider distribution of not just Amazon you're gonna get like Walmart and Barnes and Noble, you're gonna have a wider base to distribute from and you're gonna have some more options as well, that is a $50 charge, you do have to be careful because every single time that you make a change, like you want to appeal, upload your cover, every single time is going to charge you $50 for that as you have to be very, like you have to know like, this is how I want my book to look before you do it or you can, you know, rack up a charge. But ultimately All in all, you can do a book The proper way for about $250 and do it super well. But anyways, Madonna's boss is here. So that's my little footprint.

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