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Why I Love Books! My top 3 reasons to publish your book today!

On today's episode of the Becoming the Big Me Podcast your host Djemilah Birnie dives into her top 3 reasons writing and publishing books are one of her favorite things to do. From supplying an endless amount of content, to building authority and opening doors of opportunity, to being an affordable way to get information to the masses. 

She talks about her new book Local Market Siege, a guidebook for local businesses that she made in partnership with Local Crown, LLC and why as well as going on a few more rants about scamming business practices. 

Is publishing a book on your bucket list? 

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Hello, fellow Earthlings, welcome to the becoming the big me podcast. I'm your host, Djemilah, Birnie. And together, we will be stepping into our highest potential, exploring all things mind, body, and soul. With justice major business, you're a spiritual badass solopreneur and a warrior for change, you're ready to expand your impact and leave your old self behind in order to raise your vibration so that you can positively influence your business, your community and ultimately, the world. Without further ado, let's dive right into it. Hello, hello, and welcome back to the becoming the big me podcast. I'm your host Djemilah Birnie, and I am so excited to dive in Today on our topic, why I love books. I kind of touched on this at the end of the

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last episode,

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pters and chapters. You know,:

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do different things. Say you have a podcast, and you want an educational podcast, or maybe an educational course or something like that. You can publish worksheets and workbooks and different things through Amazon KDP. The same as that I told you about on the previous episode, you can publish these different things to add value to your community and also help establish authority. Think about this, your local pediatrician in your office. You have a couple guidebooks printed out, you know, in a real book on your shelf for parents, how much more are they going to trust that you have the correct information again,

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is all perception. This is a this is a perception play. But that's the reality is it does help to build your authority and your credibility. And you can leverage your book to get different opportunities. You can leverage your bug to speak if if speaking at schools or speaking at universities is something that you desire. Gosh, one of the best ways to get your foot in the door. To write a book on a subject about them, because they're always wanting people to come in, you just have to have something that matters to them, you just have to have something that they care about. Right. And, and the book is a great way to do that. Other thing with the, with the authority is if you have any kind of business where you're doing any kind of cold outreach, or any of that kind of stuff, where like, trusts or all of these different things are involved. A book is an amazing business card. How many? How many? Okay, you get, honestly, I guess it doesn't really matter what your what your profession is. But a book is an amazing, amazing business card. How many business cards do you receive? And you get? And then what happens to them? Exactly. I don't know, either. I get so many business cards, and I never know, I never know what happens to them. I never know where they are. They're probably on the, you know, under my car seat, there's something I don't know, a curled up in a ball somewhere, I don't know, a book, are you gonna? Like maybe there's a book, but what are the likelihood that you're gonna lose a book, if someone hands you if you meet someone, you're at a networking event, they're like, hey, I want to connect more, what's your Give me your business card, and you hand them a book. I mean, that's an authority play, that is an authority play, and they're going to hold on to it. And maybe they don't even read it. But the chances are, it's, it might go on their shelf, I can't tell you how many people I've met, that have given me their books. And I've never read still to this day, I've, you know, I've read a lot of them, but I haven't been able to read all of them. And they're on my bookshelf, you know, so they go on their bookshelf, people that come by, they see that title, you know, on there. And, and you're and also subconsciously, if they put that book on their bookshelf, they're subconsciously seeing it every single time they walk by that bookshelf, and you're just being imprinted into their minds. And yeah, I just like a book is a great business card. Also, it's a great way as it like, as a business card, because you can show them your prospective clients, what you know, without having to talk to them. Maybe that's the, maybe that's just me, and that's a benefit for, but I have really just gotten over sales calls in general at this point in my life. So I really enjoy, you know, people that just want to work with me, and books are such a great way to help prequalify people, I mean, I just don't get on sales calls anymore. The people that I work with come to me and say, hey, I want to work with you. And I say, hey, okay, let's go, you know, and, uh, books are a great way to help really have a lot of that sales conversation for you, because you can demonstrate your knowledge. And you can also they can get to know you through your voice and through kind of your personality and kind of who you are. And they can kind of prove that you to see if you're kind of jive anyways, which I think is really important. I think that we we have a problem taking on clients that don't align with us. And just in general, as humans, like I see it just too often. We want to serve everyone and we want to help everyone and you know, having on those clients that you just want to align with can be one of the most detrimental things that you can do. But that's a different point. That's another reason why I like books, though. Okay, moving on to number three. The third reason why I just freaking love books is because of the affordability aspect, books. sarv a relatively cheap educational tool. And for me books was how I learned like, that's how I learned when I was first building a business. I had no money I learned from books and I learned from YouTube that was I couldn't invest in a mentor. I couldn't invest in a program because I was you know, I was 17 and pregnant and getting off of drugs and trying to figure out my life and not die. So like books are such a great way to get information to the masses in an affordable fashion. Um, and depending on like what your product or services like I was sharing in the last episode is we just are more haven't released it yet but it's gonna be coming out soon

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is local market sees which is a book that I helped write in collaboration with Trey Carmichael and local crown. And this book helps local business owners plan their marketing and plan their, their, their conquest plan, you know, building their business basically giving them all of the knowledge from between between us and from what I have seen personally from bootstrapping to the core But setting and really giving a complete guide book for small local businesses. And the reason why this book came to me is because local crowd realized that they couldn't serve, you know, everyone, because not everyone was at a place in their business where they could afford their services yet. And that's really fine. Like they're a premium service. And, and, and oftentimes like that some of those smaller companies, those smaller businesses do end up getting left in the dust because they don't have the money to be able to invest. And then also the way that the online world is these days, so just take us to so many people are getting swindled, like, I hate it. And I wish that I could like just like, grab people and shake them and be like, yo, you're getting swindled right now, but like I can't, because then they would just think I'm weird. But yeah, but anyways, like, I just see it constantly. And it's one of the things that I hate about knowing so much about marketing and knowing so much about technology and like the internet is because like, I just know what I see it, I can see through the Bs, and it's annoying, but this book is designed to literally provide all of that information that these business owners are not even going to receive in like a $10,000 course, like, for real and, and that's why that book was was created was as a way to spread that their message as a way for them to, for us to impact more people's lives to impact more small businesses and impact the small businesses that like we truly care about. I mean, for me, like that's that person who doesn't yet have the money to invest in personal coaching or who doesn't yet have the money to invest in like a program or something, or marketing or whatever the heck it is, like, that's my person because that was me, I had to build from nothing, I didn't have a mentor, I didn't have the connection didn't have the friends, I had the people, I just had to figure it out and, and books is just such a great way that you can really help those people and that you can really spread your message to such a farther realm than you could possibly do throw just whatever your services are. Um, and that's why I like I love that like I love affordable information. I love access to information I love all of those things. And so that's another reason why I personally love books is because I just think it's such a great way to get information to the world in an affordable fashion. And like it's awesome. So that is why I love books. Those are my top three reasons why I love books, content authority, and affordability. I would love to know what you thought of this episode. So please let me know as always, thank you so much for tuning in. And I will talk to you guys next time

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