Episode 60

Understanding and Leveraging Different Types of Media

On today's episode of the Becoming the Big Me Podcast your host Djemilah Birnie talks about understanding and leveraging different types of media. What is the difference between long term and short term media and how can use use each to your advantage? Tune in to find out!

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Hello, fellow Earthlings, welcome to the becoming the big me podcast. I'm your host, Djemilah, Birnie. And together, we will be stepping into our highest potential, exploring all things mind, body, and soul. With justice major business, you're a spiritual badass solopreneur and a warrior for change, you're ready to expand your impact and leave your old self behind in order to raise your vibration so that you can positively influence your business, your community, and ultimately, the world. Without further ado, let's dive right into it.

Hello, hello. Welcome back to The becoming the big meme podcast. I'm your host, Djemilah Birnie and today, we're going to be talking about business. So buckle up, you guys, we have classes in a session. Today, I wanted to talk to you guys about content and content creation. Because this is something that I mean, I create content, obviously, I'm creating this podcast, which is content.

But it's also something that I have struggled with in the past and I know a lot of people have struggled with or do struggle with just like the content creation wheel and what do I need to be focusing on and what is important and what's going to move the needle forward and

then, obviously, hindsight is:

versus short term media. Short term media is what we are used to with social media. It is the quick consumable content is there one moment it is gone the next it is the Snapchat, you know the disappearing the the instant Quick, quick, quick, quick. That is your short term media. Both of them have very important roles, but it's very important to figure out what

Where you are going to be spending your energy.

And for me, I spent so much of my energy on short term media for so long. And that's fine if short term media is a great is a great way to reach people to catch your net, and to get in front of new people. But here's the thing that you have to understand about short term media is typically, you're not going to own any of that content, that can be taken away instantly, at the snap of a hat as a snap is a platform going away. And it's not going to continue to work for you over time. Once that content gets stale, it's not going to keep resurfacing, it's not going to pop back up. And it's not going to benefit you over the long run. Where as long term media will long term media compounds over time, it leverages time as an asset that is working in your favor. So if you don't have a crazy amount of time to be creating content, I highly suggest that you focus on long term media, or using long term media as your pillar content to create your short term media. This way, you are able to get more content for your content creation buck.

For example, you can use if you have a podcast you podcast on gold podcast will solve your content creation issues, because seriously, it this is just content. It's just all content. I'm speaking, this is content, this is more content, there's more content coming out right now, okay, without bad content, but you get what I mean. So podcasts are absolutely incredible for content, because you have a long form piece of media that you can now take this long form piece of media, you can repurpose this long form pieces, media on to a YouTube channel or video. If you do interviews, and you do it via video, you can also post that onto YouTube, or you can transcribe your URL, put your audio into a I'm having a brain fart right now, wavy maker, audiogram maker to post your podcast on to YouTube. So that is another form of long term media, then you can take it a step further, you can take your podcast episodes, and you can plug them into a software called otter.ai. Where it will take your episodes and transcribe them into written form. You can take that written form and use it for a base for a blog content, alter it, you know, as needed to fit for the flow.

And then that will be out. There's another form of long term media that is going to work for you over time. Why are these long form pieces of media so powerful? Well, they leverage search traffic, they leverage Google juice.

And they are going to continue to not only are they leveraging the Google juice but in their own like internal Angular algorithms as such as like YouTube, they repopulate that old content back again. So it's not like it just goes stale. And it just goes dead away. Um,

but yeah, so you can use your podcast if you have podcasts or if you don't have a podcast. Gosh, I should do a podcast about podcasts. Because I have some thoughts about podcasts. Will Paul we'll call it pod ception.

pod ception. Anyways, podcast, foundational pieces of content. Amazing, because you have your podcast, you have your repurchase on to YouTube, you have your blog posts. Now you can chop that sucker up and you have all kinds of audiograms you could pull your transcripts, you could make quote, graphics, like you can just go ham with podcast contents not even funny. I'm going to I'm going through my podcast right now, and I'm categorizing it into categories.

It's funny

to make sections for books, because I already have the content there. I already have the transcriptions for all my episodes attached to all my episodes. So wham bam in the clam, thank you, man. I am just putting them into sections categories, gonna compile them into the skeleton on my book, go through, edited up, clean it up, make it nice. But boom, that is another piece of long form content that is going to continuously work for me over my lifetime and is also something that I can hand on to my children and their children's children, which is awesome.

So if you don't have a podcast, I like podcasts, I will do another episode specifically on podcast because as I'm speaking now, I'm realizing how much I should do an entire episode purely on podcasts because podcasts are moving on.

Because we're talking about understanding and leveraging different types of media right now in podcasts are definitely not the only types of media that we can leverage different types of media that you can leverage as other people's platforms. That is such an amazing type of media that I love to leverage because they already have an audience preferably. And it's a new audience. And it's already built into their audience already trust them. So when you're being brought in as the expert, boom, you're you're instantly put into that authority state. And again, podcasting is a great way to do that. That's a great way to leverage long term media and also leverage other people's platforms, collaborations. Blogs, blogs are great if you guys have not heard of the site, Haro ha are, help a reporter out. It is amazing. If you want to be seen more than featured in, you know, connect with journalists sign up for Haro, they send you emails multiple times a day, with all of the different stories that they're currently looking to fill all of the current features that they're currently looking for. And you can pitch them, you can pitch the journalist and you can potentially be featured in their articles. This is long term content or long form media that is going to be beneficial for you over time. I have some of my pitches that I said to Haro that I got accepted and republished show up on Google when people Google search for my name, which helps build credibility for my brand and really, you know, helps me over time and this happened. Gosh, now it's been almost a it's been over a year ago, for since I started, you know, even trying to pitch things onto the internet and get into publications such as that and I have seen a great benefit of it for myself. So I would highly suggest, go to Haro, h a r o help a reporter out sign up. They do send you like three emails a day with big lists, but they're great if you are trying to be featured in the media.

So what should you be using short term media for? Well, short term media is a great way to find new people to connect with new people and to just get in front of their faces. But thing is you want to bring them into your ecosystem you want to bring them into your universe and into your world so you can actually have more control over that data and get in front of them more whether that be through your email list. You know texting lists or however you personally keep up with your leads are your potential clients or customers what have you.

So shorter media is great for that short term media is great for funneling people towards your funnels is great for getting the word out there for you as a as a person. You know, I love getting involved in like different Facebook groups and creating media in there. But even with social media and short term Yeah, I really, I like evergreen content, I really don't like, you know, things that don't last me very long. So social media is was one of those things where I'm, like, take it or leave it like, not a huge fan of it, because I'm not really a huge fan of what posts that I'm gonna put out there. And that's when I was gonna see the people kind of seeing this and I disappear forever. So I like creating social media posts, the short term media posts that are evergreen social media content, short term media content that I can reuse, again in the future. And I just like to organize those in like Google Drive, or Google Docs, or whatever the way you like to do it, I you know,

and to organize, but my, my evergreen social media content and my social media posts, and I have my kind of little different buckets. And whenever I have a good idea of something, I'll just write it in there. And when I want to post, I could just go through and mix it up.

Pull from different areas, you know, personal business, like promotional, yada, yada, yada, obviously, sometimes I'm just going to post like a normal person. But I don't like wasting my time, I don't like wasting my efforts. And I really like to create things that are going to work for me the most over time. So if I can easily leverage both long term and short term media together in a way that is evergreen in a way that is going to continuously work for itself in order for me, over time just getting better and better over time. That's really what I want.

So if you don't have a lot of time to focus, I've already touched this. But if you don't have a lot of time to focus into creating content, choose, how do you like to create content one, like do you like to write? Do you like to speak like, how do you do like to do videos, what do you enjoy doing for creating content, and then choose a piece of killer content that is going to be your one main piece of foundational content, this is a piece of long term media, that is going to continue to work for you over time. Because if you're if you are putting out short term media, with an you're not doing any form of long term media, that's going to work for you over time, that's just a waste of time. So make sure that you're starting with that long term media that what is that piece of content that is going to compound over time for you and continue to work for you. And make sure that is your focus and make sure that you are, you know, if you can only do one thing to one piece of long term media per week, for yourself for your business, choose what that is, whether that's a blog, whether that's a video, whether that's a podcast, whatever works for you, and get that piece of media out there and use that piece of media to create your short term media. And this is a great thing for several reasons. Because now that you're using it to create your short term media, you can push traffic back to that one source of long term media, further compounding it further expanding the reach further making it show to more people because it is getting traffic and algorithms and technology and robots, etc. Um, yeah. So that's kind of my thoughts on that, just because I don't like to waste time. And I want my efforts to last the most that they can. And, you know, I see now, how much the efforts that I have made with the long term media in the past have helped me now. And I really didn't do any effort in that. And the only effort that I did do was kind of accidental. And I wish that that was a piece that I understood sooner in my business journey. So I could have focused on long term media.

You know, more than I did, I should have focused on that. years ago, I should have, you know, focused on that five years ago when I first started creating content, but I didn't, and that's fine. It was just part of the learning process. But now that I know now I know. I am focusing on creating long term content and maybe in the meantime, it doesn't have that initial big hit. I know the power that that's going to have for me in a year's time. So

So that was my classes in session classes now out of session because I'm tired and that's all okay Hope you guys enjoyed this episode about understanding and leveraging different types of media if this helped you, please make sure that you leave a review and that you share this episode with a somebody else who can benefit from it.

Thank you for tuning in to today's episode of The becoming the big me podcast. If you found value in today's episode, make sure to leave us a review and share this episode with someone who needs to hear this message. That's how our podcast grows. Are you curious about learning more about harnessing the power of your subconscious mind then join the free rewire challenge where we dive deep into the subconscious mind how it works and give you some tangible action steps to began rewiring it to serve you go to bit.li slash rewire challenge that bit.li slash rewire challenge. Until next time. I'm your host Djemilah Birnie, signing out

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