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Slow down in order to speed up

Welcome to Minute Madness on the Becoming the Big Me Podcast where Your host Djemilah Birnie drops a little dose of epicenes in 5 minutes or less. In today's episode Djemilah talks about never slowing down to speed back up. If you find yourself spinning and spinning without actually going anywhere...it might be time for you to slowww it down and reset in order to be able to speed back up later.

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Welcome back to The becoming the big me podcast. I'm your host Djemilah Birnie and you are tuning into minute madness

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a little dose of epicness delivered in five minutes or less. What's up, you guys it is Djemilah Birnie here back with another quick episode for you. Today, I just wanted to talk about slowing down, in order to speed back up, it can be so easy for us to get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, that we find ourselves just going through the motions, just go doing the actions. And because we're busy, busy, busy, that we don't actually allow ourselves the time to rest, the time to reflect, and the time to recover and truly be alone and be one with our own thoughts. Because we're always on the go, we always have different things going on. That's distracting us from our internal world, and what is going on inside of us. So whenever, whenever someone comes to me, and they're, they're having these different struggles, I say, you know, take some time off, or maybe try to meditate, oh, I don't have any time I don't have any time to do anything. For myself, I don't have any time to take my family for a weekend away, I don't have any time to meditate. Well, whenever they tell me that they do not have time to meditate for an hour to meditate for half an hour, I'm watering the garden. So just if you hear water, I promise I'm watering and watering flowers. So if you take that space and that time for for yourself to get clear, to get clarity and to truly understand your own thoughts. It allows you to when you go back, you cope, you go go back so much more rejuvenated, re energize. For me, like meditation is so important when I find myself not doing it, my brain is a total disaster. And I can't think like, I don't even know what thoughts are mine, when I don't take that intentional and conscious space and time to sit with myself and to sit with my own thoughts. And what this, what this does is it clears the pathways for you. So then when you do go back to your task or to working, you're much more productive, you're much more effective, you have much more better ideas, you're better at problem solving. There's just so many. So every time in my life, when I find myself like I'm too busy to do these things are to relax, I'm too busy to take care of myself to give myself self care, I'm too busy to take the weekend off and spend time with my family. That's when I always struggle and suffer the most, right? But when I allow myself the space and the time to slow down, I actually get so much more done. Because then in those times that I am working, I'm sharp, I'm there I am, I'm ready to take action, I'm ready to solve the problem because I I'm clear on my own self, what's going on or what's going on in my own head and I can be clear about how I'm going to to change or move forward or I'm going to have a better idea that's going to launch me forward, or whatever that may be for you. But sometimes, it's necessary for you to rest. Sometimes it is necessary for you to take that space and that time for yourself. Right. And and most of us, most of us, we just simply don't do it. We are so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. we're so busy. We're going so fast. We're going a million miles an hour that we can't actually see what's happening right in front of our own eyes. We can't maybe see the obvious solution because we are so distracted. Right? So if you find yourself it with a lack of clarity with a lack of motivation, and you just find yourself just going through the motions busy, busy, busy. I am going to give you give you a little challenge I challenge you to take a day off completely away from all distractions yourself. But like put the cell phone away for 24 hours, put the podcast away, put everything away and just be clear with yourself. Slow down to speed back up.

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