Episode 106

Rekindling the Light Within

Welcome back to the Becoming the Big Me Podcast! In today's episode Djemilah chats about rekindling the light within and some of the things that have helped her continue to move forward after a period of darkness.

We all experience hard times- what can we do when we find ourselves in the midst of them to find our inner light once again?


Djemilah Birnie is a best selling author, entrepreneur, creative, and wisdom seeker. She is on a mission to positively impact the lives of those around her, especially people who have faced adversity. She is passionate about helping people find and harness their innate super powers within. She has overcome heroin addiction, teen pregnancy, homelessness, and many other obstacles that could very easily stop her in her tracks.

In addition to her marketing and business background Djemilah Birnie is passionate about uncovering the mysteries of the unconscious mind while tapping into human potential. On her quest for answers in her personal life she has completed certifications in Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programing, Emotional Freedom Technique, Thought Field Therapy, and Meditation.

She believes that in order to achieve true "success" one must look at the whole picture. Djemilah is passionate about creating business systems that support your mental and emotional well-being in addition to growing your business.

She is passionate about discovering the "secrets" of our world and what is the true difference maker. Such as: Why is it that some succeed and others do not? What is it that allows people to get back up and keep going even in the midst of hardships? What truly is the power of purpose? These are some of the questions that rattle her mind.

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In addition to her online offerings she is extremely passionate about giving back to the local community while cultivating community growth. She is the organizer and host of the Wimberley Women's Circle 

Wimberley Women | Women's Circle | Connect | Heal | Grow, where she brings women together monthly to learn and heal from different community leaders.

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Becoming the Big Me: The Great Conquest | A Collection of Empowering Stories | By Djemilah Birnie, Sharon Lechter, and Contributing Authors

Becoming the Big Me: The Great Conquest | A Collection of Empowering Stories | By Djemilah Birnie, Sharon Lechter, and Contributing Authors

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