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Kira Birnie: An 8 Year Old’s View on the Meaning of Life | The Great Conquest

In today's episode of the Becoming the Big Me Podcast your host Djemilah Birnie chats with her own daughter, Kira Birnie, as a part of the Great Conquest project. Kira Birnie is a passionate 8 year old who has a pure joy for life. She loves dancing, gymnastics, horses, her family, and her friends. She is currently in the third grade and has spent the past nearly two years living in the midst of a global pandemic. She is the host of A Kid’s Perspective Podcast and has more business ideas then her mama can keep up with.  This is her view on the meaning of life.


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Becoming the Big Me: The Great Conquest is a collection of empowering, motivating, and educational stories that will tug at your heart strings while empowering you to step into your own Big Me potential. From addiction, illness, lack of confidence, loss of loved ones, PTSD, and more the contributors of this book have walked through darkness and emerged victorious.

The Becoming the Big Me: The Great Conquest book has been brought to you by a collection of leaders paving the path of the future in their given fields. Within its pages you will find insight from Djemilah Birnie, Sharon Lechter, Nick Wingo, Dr. Frances Malone, Jenny Emerson, Russel Creed, Jennifer Aube, Valerie Fischer, Cory & JoJo Rankin, Peter Neilson, Kiki Rae, Tanya Milano-Snell, Dannah Macalinga-Pedrigal, and Kira Birnie.

This book was envisioned and brought together by Djemilah Birnie, the founder of Becoming the Big Me.

After overcoming many obstacles that could easily break a person, Djemilah has become passionate about helping others face their glass ceilings and break into the expansiveness of their potential.

Djemilah believes that we are all on a journey... There is never a point in which you have "Made It". Becoming the Big Me is about choosing to step into your greater potential each and every day. It is about learning and sometimes messing up but always getting back up.

This book has been compiled to showcase the journeys of overcoming. However, through this journey it becomes so much more. As each author told their story Djemilah noticed a common thread- something that made all of these amazing humans stand out even when faced with adversity.

Through the process of this book Djemilah discovered what she calls "the secret to overcoming obstacles and Becoming the Big Me." The greatest secret is the steps are simple and we have all heard them before.... the greatest secret is in the actual doing.

This book features; Djemilah Birnie the best selling author of Luna's Balloon: A Little Book About the Little Things, Sharon Lechter the author of Think and Grow Rich for Women, co author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, and an ambassador to the Napoleon Hill Foundation, Nick Wingo the founder behind building Grit, Dr. Frances Malone the founder of Malone Pediatrics and the Intuitive Parents Collective, Valerie Fischer the woman behind the trademark of Brain Science Selling, Peter Neilson the "Hybrid Guy", Jenny Emerson licensed therapist, Russell Creed the founder of Invictus Life, Tanya Milano-Snell who is on a mission to break generational trauma, Jennifer Aube best selling author of the book Naked Wealth, Kiki Rae the founder of Quantum Creatrix, Cory and JoJo Rankin founders of RFamilyStrong, Dannah Macolinga-Pedrigal VA and mother, and Kira Birnie the daughter of Djemilah Birnie and kid behind A Kid's Perspective.

To learn more about the book you can visit, www.thegreatconquest.com


Hi! I am your host Djemilah Birnie the founder of Becoming the Big Me. I have been building businesses online since the age of 17. I am passionate about discovering the "secrets" of our world and what is the true difference maker. Why is it that some succeed and others do not? What is it that allows people to get back up and keep going even in the midst of hardships? What truly is the power of purpose? These are the questions that rattle my mind.

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Unknown Speaker 0:06

Hello divine souls, Jamila Bernie here with becoming the big me. I'm so excited for this special segment of the becoming the big me podcast. This section of the podcast is dedicated towards sharing the stories of conquest for some incredible individuals. They are also featured in my latest book, becoming the big, the great conquest. In this section of the podcast, we will dive deep into each of their stories and their journeys and their hardships from addiction, PTSD, loss of loved ones and children.

Unknown Speaker 0:53

This segment of the podcast is dedicated towards sharing their stories and in sharing their journeys not only of the hardships but sharing how they overcame.

Unknown Speaker 1:07

To learn more about the author's behind the stories that you're going to hear, go to the great conquest.com And if you would like to purchase a copy of the great conquest book, you can go to bit.li/greatconquestandwithoutfurtherado Let's dive into the amazing journeys.

Unknown Speaker 1:36

Hello, hello, you guys. Welcome back to the becoming the big me podcast. I'm your host Djemilah Birnie, and I'm so incredibly excited because I have a very special guest with me here today. And I think it's very fitting that I have such a special guest here for the 100th episode of my podcast. And I'm someone that has had such a big influence in my life. And I'm so blessed to be able to have her as a part of the becoming the big me the great conquest project. Because without this human being, becoming the big me would not be a thing this human being is what sparked my own personal conquest. And what sparked me on this mission to spread this information, spread the things that have helped me on my own journey to others. So without further ado, you guys, my own daughter, Kyra Bernie, welcome to the show. Hi.

Unknown Speaker 2:46

Oh, babe, thank you for coming on, and taking the time out of your so busy schedule to be here with us. I'm just really excited to have you here. And I want to know, from your perspective, as an eight year old child who has grown up with me, as a mother, I want to know, what is your perspective on the meaning of life? Um, well, I think the meaning of life is to find your purpose and follow your dreams. And a way to find your purpose is like, let's say you want to be a dancer, and you see people doing dances, and then you ask your mom for money. So you can do ballet classes. And then you start doing more bigger things like doing shows. And then you start, like you, for instance, you might be even, might even come famous.

Unknown Speaker 3:46

And you do just by doing, like starting off by asking your mom did you dance classes, and then the next

Unknown Speaker 3:54

and then doing like,

Unknown Speaker 3:57

like doing, like doing something doing like something on a stage like something like that. And then and then you do something on stage in front of more people. And then you do a dance in front of more people with a bigger stage. And then you could just become like, you could become famous by just building your way up to what you want to be.

Unknown Speaker 4:22

Wow, so are you saying that we don't have to go after like the whole dream all at one time? Yeah, you just take it take the like say, Oh, I think I've never become a fit. A famous dancer. Like, I don't know somebody who's a famous dancer.

Unknown Speaker 4:46

And then you just take ballet classes because you want to and then you notice Oh, I can actually do this. I can I can build my way up. And then I can do the thing that you want to do.

Unknown Speaker 5:00

ancing on a stage in front of:

Unknown Speaker 5:33

What was I telling you this morning? Um, I will just kind of how you used to kind of feel that way. Yeah. And it can you kind of share how that made you act. I tried to act older. And because I was like, seven. And I always were like this leather jacket, and I tried to be sassy. And I actually still a few things when I was younger. But I regret that all so much. And I am trying to do way better than I had before.

Unknown Speaker 6:08

But do you feel like that was because why it was? Because you are other people? Because I thought what other people think of me, they wouldn't think of me as the cool girl or the fine girl, or the sassy girl or whatever.

Unknown Speaker 6:23

Why don't you realize, I realize that trying to holding your laugh, holding your smile, or trying to just be somebody that you are not just makes you feel bad and makes you feel just sad in the end. So So what do you do?

Unknown Speaker 6:44

Just be yourself. Do what you want to do it, do it how you want to do it, not because you don't want other people telling you what to do. And not talking about parents parents can tell you what to do because your parents, like other kids, like I sit, say an eight year old comes up to me and says you're not pretty. Or Pink. Pink looks ugly on you. And I'm like, well, pink does not look ugly on me. It look pink might look ugly on me to you. But it looks beautiful on me to me because I do what I want to do. And I am me and not you. So it doesn't matter what you think. Hmm.

Unknown Speaker 7:30

Wow, how how did you like come to that conclusion? Because I think that that is like what you just said is something that so many adults I know need to hear. How did you like how did you come to that conclusion?

Unknown Speaker 7:48

I don't know just one day kind of snapped at me. And it was weird. I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 7:54

snapped at you. Do you feel like snap snapped into your brain and just kind of like,

Unknown Speaker 8:01

in your brain?

Unknown Speaker 8:05

Is that what happened? Um, do Does that have any a lot? Like is I feel like that's like an intuitive download. Does that?

Unknown Speaker 8:15

Does that make any sense? Do you know what I'm talking about? Oh, okay. I have no idea. So I know that you were like talking about purpose and things like that.

Unknown Speaker 8:28

Is there something that you feel like can like help show us if something is our purpose? Like, how do we know? If you're happy when you're doing it or just happy in general? Like, like happy because love it. Or it's just something that you want to achieve in life like being kind everyday. That's one of my purposes in life, I think. And I love to dance, which is one of my goals, dreams and purposes. And I love to sing and stuff like that, but they're all there. They're all stuff that like you have to work up to your biggest goal. Like if you want to sing on stage, first you have to probably start singing just at home to your mom and then start singing at church and then acquire and then you could which still church and then building it up until you're on a stage that you wanted to be on and singing what you want it to be singing and not because anybody else was holding you back. Huh?

Unknown Speaker 9:36

Yeah, yeah. But like what if what if it there are people in your life that are you know, trying to hold you back? Ah, um, well.

Unknown Speaker 9:53

Well, then you tell them that.

Unknown Speaker 9:57

I'm going to follow your I'm going to follow my dreams.

Unknown Speaker:


Unknown Speaker:

Wow, you heard it here first, straight from Kara's mouth.

Unknown Speaker:

I'm gonna follow my dreams. And you should too. That's what we all need to say in response to haters. That's what we all need to say in response to people who don't understand our vision don't understand our inner selves and our desires and our intentions. Yeah. And our dreams exactly when

Unknown Speaker:

you tell them.

Unknown Speaker:

So what is like, I want to know, like, what,

Unknown Speaker:

what is the hardest thing that you deal with currently at school?

Unknown Speaker:

Like people telling me that

Unknown Speaker:

you shouldn't be, you shouldn't look like that. You should look, you should look different. You should be different. You should, like wear something different. You shouldn't be you. And I tell them, I'm being me. And you should. And.

Unknown Speaker:

And then if they keep doing that, I might tell the teacher if they're being mean, to me really mean, but I usually gather up a group of friends. And we both we all do. We all talk to each other and try to work it out. And sometimes that's how I make new friends. But sometimes, but most of the time, they usually back off after I say, I'm following my dreams, and you should too, or something like that.

Unknown Speaker:

Which is

Unknown Speaker:

good to up just to just help make people understand that they should follow their dreams just like I am. Do you think that by you, like doing it? Are you like, almost giving them permission to do it too?

Unknown Speaker:

Or kill some people, but some people don't really care?

Unknown Speaker:

Yeah, that's true. That's true.

Unknown Speaker:

What? What do you do just to like, keep keep up such a positive attitude. Because I know that like things are not always easy. Like our life has not always been easy. You know, you've been raised by a single mom, we've moved a lot and

Unknown Speaker:

like, what do you do to stay in a positive attitude? Well, I have

Unknown Speaker:

a very, very close best friend. And I usually talk to her. And she says, you can talk to me about anything, and I'll help you, obviously, cuz she's very supportive and nice. And if you have a best friend, get you in like mine, and because she's nice, and she really cares. And I care about what she says too. And we're just really close like that, where probably we kind of say sometimes we're like, we're as close as sisters or close it and sisters. And we're just really close together and we talk to each other almost every day and it's really nice. Yeah, I know that like Annie has helped you a lot to your puppy. Puppies helped me and there are also some things that are just things that help you like, I don't know chef's relieving things, but it's mostly like people in like animals that helped me like

Unknown Speaker:

my cat a mon also know almond

Unknown Speaker:

also knows the crack rat.

Unknown Speaker:

Now we also known as the butterball and yeah, I have a lot of friends that support me too.

Unknown Speaker:

Yeah, having having connections is a very important thing for the human species. Yeah. Knowing that there are people in your tribe tried. Well, I try it. Back in the day it was you know, we were in tribes and so having that connection with other humans was was like a survival instinct. I know it's just not bad. No, not anymore. No, but your brain. Our brains still need connection. I know but why did you seek?

Unknown Speaker:

I don't know.

Unknown Speaker:

I don't know what do you click clock and everyone's like, what does all this sound? What did you click clacking over here? It's just two crystals. I'm playing with them because my my fingers are getting antsy to me too. I'm playing with one too. I'm

Unknown Speaker:

Just playing with it quieter because yeah, I only got one we are fidgety, fidgety, fidgety fidgety is

Unknown Speaker:

that can it keeps getting?

Unknown Speaker:

What do you do? Like?

Unknown Speaker:

I want to know, what do you think, is something that everyone could do? More of? Like everyone like me, adults, kids, like, what's something that we need to do more of

Unknown Speaker:

kind to one or the other, and

Unknown Speaker:

just trying to have good vibes and being nicer. And because like what you say affects other people. If you say something to that person, obviously, you're trying to affect that person, most of the time. And, but if you're not trying to, like you're trying to affect one person, but then it spreads to another person and people keep getting, like angry or sad. Or you can just try to help them out. And try to keep like your main thoughts in your head. Because then my teacher says, Keep your thoughts in your head, so we won't hear them. Because it feel like trying to say something about her like her glasses are ugly. You shouldn't say that out loud. Especially if they're your friend. You're like, oh, yeah, but dress looks beautiful. And then you rain, you're like, yeah, that dress looks ugly. St. You should not say mean things to people. And you should try to be as kind as you can, even if sometimes it's not true. Like, well, I don't like lying. But sometimes you can sometimes it's a good thing. Like, if it's like you're saying you're just as pretty when it's really not that pretty in your mind, but she thinks it's pretty ceiling want to bring her happiness down. So you just think it is kind of just like, if you don't have anything nice to say. Don't say just don't say it at all. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker:

I mean, I agree with that. I agree with that. What I I'm curious, though, like, how can we address maybe even the judgment in our own minds, you know, like, so we don't even have to think it? How do we address that? I have no idea. That's that's next level. Like, that's fourth grade.

Unknown Speaker:

Like, try to, like try to not worry about other people try to worry about yourself.

Unknown Speaker:

Like, Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, that person has this on Oh, yeah, that person has this, this, this and this and that. And this and that. It doesn't, it shouldn't matter to you.

Unknown Speaker:

Unless, like they're talking to you obviously. It should, like just matter to that the person that they're talking to or the person then themselves. And, um, you should just keep your bad thoughts in your head if you have them but if just try to not have thoughts that are mean or something, just because um,

Unknown Speaker:

you know, you don't want to accidentally slipping out or something and it's just that's how you lose friends. So um,

Unknown Speaker:

yeah, just

Unknown Speaker:

is there anything that you do to like help kind of, I don't know train your thoughts maybe like to help keep your thoughts good.

Unknown Speaker:

Like you could use like, do meditating in yoga and have a nice brand like a and like I already said, have like a support animal, or any if you don't have any of those things.

Unknown Speaker:

Which you should have a friend or something probably. But if you don't, you can use your stuffed animals and like, if you don't have an animal in the middle of the night, when you get scared, you can snuggle with a big stuffed animal like that. You could like say, Oh yeah, this subject I'm almost with every night hug every night because it's going to be my like, protect it like a baby. Take your baby. I love it. Do you know my baby? Do you have any final thoughts? To share?

Unknown Speaker:

I'm hungry.

Unknown Speaker:

Oh, ready bad. No. Well, then we will wrap things up. Thank you so much for you know sitting down with me and chatting today. I really appreciate it. Yeah, those fun.

Unknown Speaker:

Bye, ma

Unknown Speaker:

thank you so much for tuning in to today's

Unknown Speaker:

Episode of The becoming the big money podcast.

Unknown Speaker:

I know that you found value in hearing this story today. And I would love if you could show your support by going and grabbing a copy of our book and you can do so by going

Unknown Speaker:

to bit.li/greatconquestyoucanalsogotowww.thegreatconquest.comformoreinformationabouteachoftheindividualsinvolvedinthisprocessthanksagainfortuningin

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