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Act "As If" Without Overspending

Welcome to Minute Madness on the Becoming the Big Me Podcast where Your host Djemilah Birnie drops a little dose of epicenes in 5 minutes or less. In today's episode Djemilah talks about acting "as if" you have already achieved your goals or dreams without overspending. Be practical in spending your money. Spend just within your means, and with that you will be able to use your money wisely.

Invest in things which are important like your health. Be creative in acting "as if" even without spending too much. Nowadays, practicality is much more important because our WANTS may change in an instant so invest more in what really matters to you.

Djemilah Birnie is a best selling author, speaker, marketing expert , and wisdom seeker. She is on a mission to positively impact the lives of those around her, especially people who have faced adversity. She is passionate about helping people find and harness their innate super powers within. She has overcome heroin addiction, teen pregnancy, homelessness, and many other obstacles that could very easily stop her in her tracks.

In addition to her marketing and business background Djemilah Birnie is passionate about uncovering the mysteries of the unconscious mind while tapping into human potential. On her quest for answers in her personal life she has completed certifications in Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programing, Emotional Freedom Technique, Thought Field Therapy, and Meditation.

She believes that in order to achieve true "success" one must look at the whole picture. Djemilah is passionate about creating business systems that support your mental and emotional well-being in addition to growing your business.

She is passionate about discovering the "secrets" of our world and what is the true difference maker. Such as: Why is it that some succeed and others do not? What is it that allows people to get back up and keep going even in the midst of hardships? What truly is the power of purpose? These are some of the questions that rattle her mind.

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Becoming the Big Me: The Great Conquest | A Collection of Empowering Stories | By Djemilah Birnie, Sharon Lechter, and Contributing Authors

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Welcome back to the becoming the big me podcast.

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I'm your host Djemilah Birnie and you are tuning into minute madness, a little dose of epicness delivered in five minutes or less. A lot of times in this space, I see people going out and spending money that they don't necessarily have overspending buying cars that are outside of their budget buying, you know, purses and shoes that are outside of their budget, and they're saying, Oh, I'm acting as if because my highest self, my abundant self, she has Louis Vuitton purses, she has, you know, all of these really expensive high end things. The problem? The problem with this is, you aren't actually there yet. So what happens when you go out and overspend you later on are filled with guilt, you feel like you did something wrong, you there's not the excitement that you initially had. When you swipe that card, all of a sudden you freeze up and you feel really nervous. That's the problem with trying to act as if. And when it comes to actually spending money. It doesn't mean go out and spend money you don't have. It doesn't mean go out and max out all of your credit cards and take all these vacations that you can't afford because the highest vibrational self would be doing those vacations. Does that make sense to you? So what can you to act do to act as this without overspending? For me, my highest vibrational self, she takes impeccable care of her health. She has a personal Cook, she has someone to help me with all of those things. So yeah, I don't have a personal chef right now. How can I act as if I was that person. So what I do is meal planning, meal planning, planning out my meals, meal, prepping. That is the step that I can take at this moment to be healthy and to act as if I am in this

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Maybe, you know, I am still having to cook it. But I'm treating my health as if it is a priority. Another thing that I do is my highest vibrational my most abundant self, she has a cleaning lady who comes I don't have a cleaning lady that comes. I'm not at the point yet where I can have a cleaning lady come every single night and clean my house. But what I do know is that my highest vibrational self, my most abundant self, she does have a cleaning lady that comes every single night and cleans my house. So if I have a cleaning lady that comes every single night to clean my house, does that mean I wake up in the morning to a clean house or a dirty house, I wake up in the morning to a clean house. So what I do is every night I clean my house I am right now that cleaning lady. But the reason why I do that is so that when I wake up in the morning, I can walk in to a clean house where I feel like my most abundant self because my most abundant self wakes up every single day to a clean house. And then in the mornings I use that as part of my visualization. And I have the physical evidence around me because my house is clean. So there are so many different ways that you can act as if you are already in that state in your dream desired state. Without spending money, you just have to get creative

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